Two Bite Brownies Near Me
Brownie Bites

Two Bite Brownies Near Me

  • December 12, 2021

I end up spending my time coming up with all sorts of diversions to ensure people don’t notice how many I’ve eaten.They are better for kids’ parties than cupcakes, I think, requiring no frosting; if you wanted to you could press a Smartie, or a Junior Mint, or a mini Oreo cookie into the top of each one as soon as it comes out of the oven.That way your candy of choice melts/fuses delicately into the surface, without needing to be ravaged by the heat of the oven and possibly sinking all the way in to the dough.And employing my favourite defense against random acts of tasting – chewing gum in the kitchen – doesn’t work when the combination is gooey chocolate plus a hint of mint; in fact it inspired me to add a capful of peppermint extract to the batter.I was on traffic duty this afternoon, which meant on-air right up until 6, so W and I made a pot of ham and black bean soup (using the bone we doggy-bagged from my Mom’s on Sunday) last night to reheat as needed tonight.My plan was to make a cheddar beer bread using a can of Guinness left over from St Patrick’s Day, but that totally didn’t happen.Freeze leftovers and serve them frozen or warmed in the microwave with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. .

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